Your phone is perhaps the most important part of your personal tech nowadays! 

Whether it is a broken screen, faulty battery or even a whole phone rebuild we are able to help get your phone fixed in a timely and efficient manner! 

Screen Replacements

The screen on a mobile phone is the first thing to take an impact when your phone is dropped or bashed which can break the glass and lead to the phone not working.  

Pricing starts from just £55

Battery Replacements

Over time your battery will lose its capacity to store and release power. This is due to many factors including general age and is advised to replace your battery every 300 – 500 charge cycles which equates to approximately every 2 to 3 years. 

Pricing starts from just £45

Small Parts Replacements

All of the parts inside your smartphone are suseptible to damage or failing once they reach a certain age. This can include the camera, buttons, speakers and microphones which can all be replaced and repaired*. 

Motherboard Repairs

As well as the screen , battery and small parts, your phone also has a motherboard which is the brain of the device and where all your data is stored on a small chip. Sometimes the connectors or board itself becomes damaged and therefore needs to be repaired or replaced. 

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