Your PC & Laptop is the lifeblood of your business or personal life. It is where all your important files are , whether its your company accounts or your CV, they are very important to keep. Your device deserves to be performing at its best and it even saves you money in the longer term too.

Full Service

Over time your PC , Laptop and games console will begin collecting dust and other particles from the air through its fans causing it to get hotter and run less efficiently. A full service is suitiable for all devices that are over 12 months old whether they are used every day or once a week.

Get your device a service today and show it you care!


Has your computer or laptop become slow or not meeting your requirements? Upgrading your laptop or PC is a cost efficient method of prolonging the life of your device and saving you money too!

PC Diagnostics & Repair

When your PC or laptop stops working it can be a stressful time , especially if you work on your laptop or PC. Our diagnostics and repair service gives you total reassurance that we will find out what is wrong with your device and how it can be fixed!

Lets talk...

Lets talk about how we can help you with your PC or Laptop today and get your device back to its normal self!