Keep your device screen protected...

Your mobile or tablet screen is one of the most important and used parts on your device. Here at Kevs IT we cut and fit your screen protectors and now have a self application kit so you can have the same great protection without sending us your device! 

What types of protectors are there?

Unlike other materials and brands of screen protection we also have many types of screen protectors available depending on your needs and where you use your phone the most. 

High Clear

The high clear provides the same great layer of protection to your screen without changing anything about your screen , the sun will still bounce off it and you will still see the crystal clear colours and text. 


The anti glare screen protectors use innovative technology to provide the same great protection as the high clear but will stop that pesky light bouncing off your screen , ensuring you can use your phone anywhere including in the bright sunshine (although we love the sunshine) 


Are you using your phone in a public place and have important information you don’t want others to see? 

Our privacy protectors are perfect to keep prying eyes off your phone but also still adding that layer of protection and security you will find with the whole ProGuard range. 

Ready to purchase your protection?