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On Monday 15th April , I delivered a presentation at UWE Bristol , talking to their students about

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Phishing attacks are becoming more and more complex and harder to recognise , although they are still possible

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You may have seen my series of videos in December 2023 answering this question and why you should

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Kevs IT is proud to announce that I have won 3 awards in 2023 which are as follows Best

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Have you ever wondered if repairing or upgrading your current machine is worth repairing over buying a new

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Keeping your operating system and software up to date is highly important when you are using a computer,

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Backing up your data can be very easy to complete. Before we discus how you backup your data

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Backups are an essential piece of keeping your data accessible and safe from physical or digital corruption and

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Backup important data to avoid losing it due to system crashes, malware attacks or accidents. Maintaining an up-to-date

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The battery in your device is the lifeblood of your mobile, tablet or laptop. Without the battery being

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