Computer repair / Upgrade Vs Buying a new device

Have you ever wondered if repairing or upgrading your current machine is worth repairing over buying a new device online or from a large retailer? 

Well , look no further! In this blog article I will address some of the pros and cons of each and give some examples of when buying a new device is needed which for many people who use tech will likely be every 5 – 10 years, not the 18 months to 2 years that we are all led to believe by manufacturers. 

So why should I repair or upgrade my existing device?

Repairing or upgrading your PC or laptop can be a very cost effective way of getting more time out of your device. You can and should upgrade your device before considering buying a new one for a range of reasons but the biggest reason is for COST as well as CONVIENIENCE! On average it costs up to 50% less to repair or upgrade than to buy a new device. It also means that you have the same device that you love and are used to using already for longer! 

Why and when should I buy a new device?

Sometimes there isn’t any choice but to buy a new device. In some situations repairing a device may actually outweigh the cost of a new one especially if any of a laptop casing is damaged. In this case a new device is the only logical way forward … or is it? What about refurbished devices? 

New devices can give us access to the latest tech and a much quicker system but you shouldn’t need to buy a new device within 5 years of your last new device! 

What about refurbished devices?

Refurbished devices can be a very good balance of a new device and a better cost. In particular when you have limited funds but need something that cuts the mustard a bit more. Many companies will have differences regarding refurbished devices and gradings however a reputable company will do everything they can to show you the actual device you are purchasing like we do on our refurbished devices page

Making a decision of a repair / upgrade , refurbished or new...

Making a decision about whether you should repair , upgrade , buy refurbished or new machines is going to be very dependent on your usage from a laptop and how long you want it to last. For example most machines will last 10 years plus for the “average” home user however if you run a business you may find yourself buying a new one every 5 years or so. So do take into consideration your personal requirements but we also do offer a personal service and FREE advice on what is the best course of action for your personal circumstances in mind. 

To ask any of your questions simply call us on 0117 325 9790 and you will get no-obligation , friendly advice from your friendly IT Expert, Kevin Rice. 

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