Let’s face it – the tech world can be a rollercoaster of
frustration and confusion, especially for small business owners
like you who are wearing a gazillion hats already. But fear not,
because your ticket to a smoother ride is here, and it’s called
**TECH SHIELD PRO: Your Ultimate Remote IT Sidekick!**

Why choose TechShield Pro?

Time saved on technology can be used to concentrate on your business. This extra time you find by utilising TechGuard Pro can help you generate more revenue. 

Costs can be saved, particularly when you use lots of software or even safeguarding yourself from unexpected downtime.

No more waiting for updates or remembering when your security package needs updating. 

What's in it for me?

Dedicated Account Manager

Constant monitoring of your system

Around the clock service

Software and System updates completed

Company IT Policy adhered to

Backup , Recovery and security software included as standard

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Is TechShield Pro for me?

No more nail-biting over unexpected tech glitches or losing sleep worrying about data breaches. With TECH SHIELD PRO in your corner, you’ll be like a superhero with a secret weapon, armed with 24/7 remote IT monitoring and support. We’ve got your back, ensuring your business technology stays locked, loaded, and ready to tackle any challenge that comes its way.

Choose your support


Remote support
£ 60 User / Month

remote + ONSITE

Onsite support
£ 200 User / Month

Pricing excludes VAT

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