PC & Laptop Repairs & Servicing

You device restored!

Do you know when you should repair or service your PC? Here are a few things to look out for: 

  • Device overheating 
  • Device booting or functioning slowly 
  • Physically broken parts or not working properly 
  • Unable to start and enjoy your device

If you are struggling with any of the above get in touch today!

Custom & Gaming PCs

PCs tailored to you!

Custom PCs are great for you to customise the PC to what you need it for. You can have a custom built PC for a variety of reasons including: 

  • Gaming - To play games at a high quality 
  • Video Editing 
  • Office use 

Mobile Phone Repairs

Your phone. Restored!

Getting your mobile phone repaired is the most important thing to do once it is broken. This is because usually nowadays our whole life is encompassed on that phone , from memories in images to important work and phone numbers for our family , friends and work colleagues. 


We carry out work on both android and iPhones in our dedicated IT Repair centre where your device is treated with the respect it deserves and is restored back to its normal operating self. Click the button to discover how we can repair your device

Business IT Support

Your business IT...Supported!

Your business deserves only the best IT support and help when you need it the most. Our IT Helpdesk gives you an on-demand solution to remote or on-site business IT support when you and your business needs it the most! 

Does your business suffer from: 

  • IT issues that effect your business operations 
  • High costs for IT support 
  • Slow computer systems or networks 
  • Need for a domain and server for user accounts to track usage