Why it is important to keep a backup of your data

Backup important data to avoid losing it due to system crashes, malware attacks or accidents. Maintaining an up-to-date copy ensures secure information and minimal disruptions. So lets explore these reasons a little more in depth…

System crashes and failiure

Keeping a backup of your data ensures that if your system crashes or worst fails and you need to buy a new device or get yours repaired , you can easily and quickly gain access to your data with minimal disruption both to you and the data. This means that for example you run a business and have client documents on the system you need , you have access to these and have no downtime in your business. 

Malicious Attacks

Malicious attacks such as malware , viruses and ransomware attacks are amongst the most common of malicious attack and may affect us all at some point during our lifetimes. In the very worst case of an attack you can lose all of your data without any warning , such as in the case of a ransomware attack. In the case of a ransomware attack you will lose access to your data unless you pay the attacker a fee, a ransom. If you do not pay this fee then you have lost your data. By having a seperate backup , the impact of such an attack is reduced or even stopped depending on when the backup was made. 


Accidents and accidental damage can quickly cause you to lose data that is not backed up. For example, if your phone screen is broken and unusable, your laptop is damaged by spilt coffee or other liquids, or your hard drive is physically damaged, you will lose your data. There are many possible types of accidents that could involve your laptop, such as spilling coffee, soft drinks, or milk; dropping the device when carrying it; knocking it off your desk or lap; or having it damaged in a car accident. There are many other ways in which accidental damage can occur, potentially leading to data loss.

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