When should I perform a backup?

backups are a vital important thing to do!

Backups are an essential piece of keeping your data accessible and safe from physical or digital corruption and damage. 

Ultimately , the answer to when you should perform a backup is going to be different for each person , company or charity that stores data , whether it is images from your family holiday or vital operations data for your business or charity. 

We would reccomend that everyone backs up their computer , tablet, mobile and other important data at the very least once per month , which on many devices you can setup to do automatically (which we can help with if you can’t do it) but also for these circumstances too: 

  • After any major changes to the data 
  • BEFORE any upgrades or changes to your system
  • In line with any new company procedures that are introduced 

As well as this we would suggest that once the backup is completed that these files are then encrypted to ensure the safety of the backup whilst it’s being stored.

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