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On Monday 15th April , I delivered a presentation at UWE Bristol , talking to their students about Cyber Security & Entrepreneurship. I outlined to the students what I did, how I do

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Phishing attacks are becoming more and more complex and harder to recognise , although they are still possible to recognise. But first, let's see what a phishing attack is. Well , a phishing attack

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You may have seen my series of videos in December 2023 answering this question and why you should have ongoing IT Support in 2024. There are numerous reasons why having ongoing IT Support

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Kevs IT is proud to announce that I have won 3 awards in 2023 which are as follows Best IT Small business of the year - UK 2024 in the Lawyer International’s – Legal

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Have you ever wondered if repairing or upgrading your current machine is worth repairing over buying a new device online or from a large retailer?  Well , look no further! In this blog

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Backing up your data can be very easy to complete. Before we discus how you backup your data we suggest you read our other blogs about backups which are:  Why are backups important? 

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Backups are an essential piece of keeping your data accessible and safe from physical or digital corruption and damage.  Ultimately , the answer to when you should perform a backup is going to

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Backup important data to avoid losing it due to system crashes, malware attacks or accidents. Maintaining an up-to-date copy ensures secure information and minimal disruptions. So lets explore these reasons a little more

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The battery in your device is the lifeblood of your mobile, tablet or laptop. Without the battery being in full life and working properly it reduces your use of the device. But like

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Welcome... I'm Kevin and I'm the director of Kevs IT Ltd, an award winning IT company.  We provide IT Support , repairs and servicing to a wide range of customers from individuals to